Blog Posts

I occasionally like to write about things that I have learnt and things that I may want to learn about. While there is no subject matter that I will write about exclusively, it is most likely that you will find posts about front-end software engineering on this page.

Using SVG icons in your React developer portfolio project

Have you needed icons in your React web project but were unsure of how to implement them? I use SVG icons on my personal portfolio site and have recently updated the way that I include them. I would like to describe my chosen method in this article.

How I have survived the COVID-19 pandemic (so far)

Approximately 2 months ago, I published a blog post about maintaining motivation as a furloughed employee. At that time, I had been furloughed for one month and was beginning to find it difficult to stay active within my software engineering field. Today, two months after writing that post, I would like to reflect on and share my successes since then.

Upload to Amazon S3 using AWS CLI and NPM scripts

Automate the deployment of your static websites with Amazon S3 and NPM scripts. I have created a simple script to help you quickly upload your site to Amazon S3 by running one simple command in your project terminal.