NAFS website on a computer monitor



NAFS is an organisation based in the UK, supporting socially isolated women and people from BAME communities improve their health and wellbeing. I volunteered to build their website and rebrand their organisation.
Furlonteer website on a computer screen

Website Management


Furlonteer are an organisation designed to help furloughed employees find volunteering opportunities with charities. After applying to become a Furlonteer, I was asked to join their team to be their website manager.
Ian Holden's website on a computer screen


Ian Holden – Online Portfolio

This is the fourth iteration of my online portfolio website. It serves as a home for my blog posts and online projects.
Maths Number Bonds project on a computer screen

Web Application

Maths Number Bonds

Maths Number Bonds is an open-source project. The idea was given to me by a primary school teacher and close friend of mine. The functionality was simple but the benefits of this application could greatly improve the efficiency of performing a task like this in schools.
Philippines Schools Project website on a computer monitor


Philippines Schools Project

The Philippines Schools Project is a family-run charity that raises money to provide scholarships to children and improve the fabric of two schools in Botao, a village situated approximately 100 miles north of the Philippines’ capital.
Snakes and Ladders game on a computer screen


Snakes and Ladders Times Tables

The Snakes and Ladders Times Table game is a desktop game, playable in the web browser, that helps children build and improve their knowledge of multiplication tables.
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