Snakes and Ladders Times Tables

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The Snakes and Ladders Times Table game is a desktop game, playable in the web browser, that helps children build and improve their knowledge of multiplication tables.
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The Snakes and Ladders Times Table project was the first project of its kind for my client. They had previously created a range of non-digital learning materials which they sold online. They wanted to bring some of these to life and make them usable through a digital interface, starting with their Snakes and Ladders resources.

The specification for this project was to create an online game that did the following:

  • Must be able to select times tables up to 12.
  • Users should be able to play with a friend or against the computer (up to four players).
  • The player counters must use sliding animations (moving up ladders and down snakes) to replicate a traditional snakes and ladders game.
  • The game should use the graphics from the non-digital version of the game that the client had previously created.
  • The game should link back to the client’s site.
Snakes and ladders web game interface
The Snakes and Ladders game enhances the non-digital version of the game by making use of in-game sounds and bot-controlled players.

When the user loads the game, they can select their settings which include selecting which times table they would like to practice and selecting the number of players. If the user selects only one player, they will play against a bot.

Snakes and ladders web game interface
The user must start the game by selecting their game settings.

Throughout the project, I had been maintaining the code from within a Git repository. Once the project was complete, I gave the client access to this repository so that they can deploy the game to wherever they like and make changes to the game whenever they like.

Snakes and ladders web game interface
At the end of the game, one player is crowned the winner.

It was a pleasure working on this project and with this client. After completing the project, the client left these kind words:

Excellent game. Children do enjoy playing it. Ian made all the changes we required and gave all the relevant details so we could edit if we needed. Thanks!